We’re starting off the week with a new project that we have had the pleasure of working on since late last summer. We have partnered with Laura Umansky of Laura U Interior Design on her personal project, the Boulevard Show House. Working alongside other key contributors, Newberry Architects, Moss Landscaping, and Symbio Audio Video, we are transforming Laura’s stunning 1925 home in the historic district of the Boulevard Oaks neighborhood here in Houston. We’ve hit a few weather delays along the way (Hello, Hurricane Harvey), but we’re pushing full steam ahead to try to get this project wrapped in the next few months, when it will be open for touring with 100% of the ticket sales benefiting Preservation Houston.

As expected with a home of this age, we ran into a lot of wood rot, meaning all of the exterior wood details had to be replaced.


In the rear of the home, the wood Tudor-style details were replaced with stucco banding to prevent having to replace them again in the future.


In order to maintain the integrity of the home, the new Marvin Windows were designed to match the original design, and the brick exterior will remain its original color. We’re excited to see Moss Landscaping put their vision into place to complete the curb appeal.



Throughout this project we worked closely with the structural engineer to make the necessary changes to ensure the safety of the home itself, removing all rotted structure and adding additional metal supports where needed.



The picture below might look like stairs leading to somewhere scary, but in reality these lead to something that made our jobs easier- a basement! It is extremely rare to have a basement in the Houston area because of the water table and poor soil, but this particular house happened to have one, which gave us access to lift walls, replace rotted beams and adjust floor joists where needed, allowing us to add some much-needed strength to the floors. The basement was in surprisingly good condition, but we did add waterproofing to help preserve it for years to come.


In the 1970s, an addition was added which, unfortunately, was suffering from poor framing and support, water damage and bad windows. Because of that, we had to take it down to the studs and replaced much of the framing. We said goodbye to the sunken living room and bar, and reworked the entire space to include a family room, lofted study, playroom, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. If the ceilings look high it’s because they are, coming in around 25 feet!!!!



The master bedroom, which is located in the original part of the home, is large with an attached seating area and great natural light. The attached master bathroom has been completely reconfigured.







From the rear of the house you can grasp the scale of the addition and the covered parking that is below. To the right of this is the pool house cabana, complete with bathroom, indoor lounge space and dressing rooms. And what’s a pool house without a large, fabulous pool!! We’re anxious to see this outdoor space turned into a beautiful new oasis.





For more behind the scenes footage, check out the videos we’ve collaborated with Laura on by clicking on ‘videos’ on Laura U’s Facebook page. For more information on the design details of this project, check out the Boulevard Show House Blog.