A quick check in today to share some of the progress happening at the renovation on Mullins.

You may remember last time we mentioned that most of the new main flooring was installed several weeks ago. Since then the walls have been painted a fresh shade of soft white and the trim has been painted a glossy bright white.



While we often use site-built cabinetry, the typical turnaround time is around 3-4 weeks and then another week or more to have them painted.  We didn’t have that kind of time for this project so we opted to use a local cabinetmaker who manufactures cabinets using a CNC Machine. In a nutshell, he puts the cabinet specifications into the computer system which then communicates with the CNC machine to laser cut every piece precisely to size. An entire kitchen can be cut out in about an hour! The cabinets are then assembled at their shop and are sprayed in a paint booth, creating a high quality finish. This is similar to pre-stained hardwood floors, which offer a baked finish that doesn’t require 7+ days of onsite staining and dry time.  Because the cabinets are in their finished state by the time they arrive to the job site, we don’t install them until most of the other work is completed so we don’t run the risk of damaging them. As you can see in the pictures below a light gray color was selected for the perimeter cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room, and a deep navy was selected for the island.




The posts of the island will be wrapped in a natural wood to match the shelves we installed along the TV wall shown below.


Above this cabinet in the kitchen will also be natural wood shelves sandwiched between upper glass cabinets. The countertops are finishing up install today, but here’s a sneak peak of the selected quartz.



The laundry room, which is directly off the kitchen, has the same quartz as the kitchen. We love the patterned floor tile that was selected for in this space.



And here are the overall design plans put together by Wild Rose Interiors. An elongated white subway tile backsplash will be installed soon, along with the brass hardware and island pendant lights.




Next time we’ll share the progress of the two bathrooms, both of which have a lot of fantastic tile being installed. Hope you all are enjoying following along with this project. We have 4 new projects coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned!!!